Aggarwal Emporium      “ I would recommend Kunal Aluminium Company to  others without hesitation    because of their courtesy to me. All the services including the  aluminum profile section along  with the connection elements and various accessories helped the  designer in their best way.  They met  my expectations in every way! “      



                          Aluminium House” For sure, I would be readily and heartily recommending you, your work and your company to others for the quality you delivered in such a short time. Your strategy to make use of A16063 for close tolerances and the clear coat anodizing to the depth of 10 microns assured the maximum accurate and corrosion resistant frames.”                                                                                                              



                            Harakh Chand Glass Pvt.LTD” We are greatly satisfied with the highly reliable and fast work performance Kunal  Aluminium Company. The way they managed to stick to their delivery date and that too  delivering the best  quality product, was stunning. We are really thankful for their amazing  support! “      



                             ” Our comKunal Agencies pany has been working with Kunal Aluminium Company for long time  now.  They have  been involved with us in several projects from making gates and several other  aluminum works.  Accomplishing such a task full of complexities was the requirement and they    turned out to be  successful in their every job. If you really need reliable metal workers, we can  strongly  recommend Kunal Aluminium.”



             ” Being an architectKrishna Aluminium Bareli I have been specifying Kunal Aluminium from the moment I have    been  working with them. I have been working with a number of companies in the past, but the    way  they carry out every work being allotted to them helped me greatly in crafting the best  solutions.  No one can beat their services! “



              ” I opted for Kunal AluL.S TRADERSminium Company because of their service and experience of 20   years. The  quote was not the cheapest of all I received, but the high quality services being  proffered  clinched the deal. Luckily I got fruitful results. Hence, I would suggest it to everyone! “



                   ” Kunal Aluminium Company is not just a mere distributer and New Ply Ghar Patnawholesaler of  Aluminium  profile  and sections, but they are the leaders in this field. Their past 20 years  experience is  observed  in  the quality of their services and products. Thank you very much! “




                              Rajsons Hardware & Ply” We got an opportunity to work with Kunal Aluminium Company and we  are  pleased with  what  they have done for us. Right away from the start, they looked into our  matter deeply and  understood what we needed. Your advice for our project were effective to put  our mind at ease  about the delivery and installation. It was great to work with a team like this-  Thanks! “



                       ” YoSamaira Agencies PVT.LTDur team is amazing, from the quoting process to dealing directly with clients  and assisting,  with selections in relation to frame types, glazing options, hardware and finishes  it pays  incredible attention to every minute detail of our firm. “




                      ” We gotSarswati Hardware a first class service and products from Kunal Aluminium Company. The  profile  machining and frame construction was fantastic, thanks for the great quality! You and  your team  delivered bets within the restricted time. Your way of working was a very friendly and  professional. “     




Sai Aluminium Exim

                     ” The part I loved the most was the strong communication throughout the time we  worked  together.  Each time I need help, your company was very friendly and helpful.  All calls  were  answered at once and their workmanship is fantastic.  A top quality job was done for the  frame  for our doors and windows. Big thanks! “




Savetri Enterprises

                        ” We were dreadfully impressed with the overall services of Kunal Aluminium  Company. We  have been working in the manufacturing industry for years, but the way handled  our project  was  just awesome. Starting from the written quote that too just in 24 hours to the  end, it was a  great  time working with them. “



Shadi Ram Vishwa Parkash

                        ” Kunal Aluminium Company was very efficient in making up for all kind of  manufacturing  works  for my project.  I found theme very knowledgeable and appreciate them  for their excellent  customer service.  You guys did a fantastic job and I am very pleased with the  outcome. I will  for sure recommend your company to others and ask for help again in the future.  Many thanks! “



                       ” All the mSS Tradersanufacturing of Kunal Aluminium Company is covered by full ISO 9001  certification.  Especially, the MCS System is most effective for replacing the traditional welded  steel structures at lower overall cost. It saves money and time both. I would for sure  recommend Kunal  Aluminium without hesitation to all my builder’s and designers.”




                      ” The team at KunalTrading Meerut Aluminium Company was a very caring and  understanding. They    always  boosted my confidence and lead to the successful  accomplishment of my project. They  made  things so simple for me. Especially, the brackets  and connecting elements in the MCS  System  which make no use of machines are extra- ordinary helpful. It was great working with  you guys! “



Universal Aluminium Emporium                          ” The reason why we selected Kunal Aluminium Company was that we required  the  frames which  are both accurate and resistant to scratching or corrosion. We had two others  quotes from  different companies, but your price was very competitive to them. With minimum  amount we  received supreme quality frames, which was astounding. Hats off to you guys! “




                         ” We don’t have the Up Ply WOOD VARANASIexact words which could describe that how much  pleased we are  with the  service we have received from Kunal Aluminium Company. During my  working career,  I had a  lot to do with different distributors and wholesaler of Aluminium Profile  but I can honestly  say you  are fantastic. “